Junk Journal #1 - From Garbage and a digital kit!

 This journal was the first junk journal I ever made.  I literally went through my recycling until I found some cardboard I liked the look of.  Then I printed out my Flour Sack Junk Journal Kit and cut everything out.  This is the result 💖

This will be an image heavy blog post because I took a lot of pictures.  I also made a little video of the pictures because I want to practice my skills.  

So after I cut out all of the elements and ephemera from my kit, I printed off the papers from the kit and the Journal cover that I liked the most.  You can do this with anything and by no means need to purchase my kit to complete this project.  You could make your own cover very similar to mine by using an old book or magazine that you like.

I made all the signatures (the little booklets in the journal) and sewed them to my cover before decorating.  This junk journal has 2 signatures in it.  One is heavily decorated and one is completely blank other than the papers from my kit and some coffee dyed paper.

I added twine and the cheapest eyelets I could find at the hardware store so the total cost of this journal to make was about $5 including printing.  The time it took however was quite extensive.  Cutting out the items by hand and then adding all the eyelets was super fun but it did take my quite a few hours!!

The little round paper pieces you see dangling below the journal are glued to the ends of the twine I used to sew in the signatures.

I had so much fun creating the covers for this kit.  They were inspired by the old flour sacks that flour companies (and many other type of grain and sugar) used to sell their goods in.  You see during The Great Depression it was hard for people to make ends meet so the women started using feed sacks and flour sacks to make clothing for their children.

Soon companies were competing to have the best fabric designs on their bags so that women would want to buy their brand.  I designed the covers completely and really the only vintage thing on them is the picture of the Windmill.  I chose the windmill because often they were used to mill flour.  The King's Flour Brand I made up because of my last name and it is completely fictional.

I hope you have enjoyed this peek at my designs and new junk journal made using real junk!!

If you want to take a better look at my kits my Etsy shop is here.


  1. Tracy - I love mixed media and you've got a treasure trove of goodies in your etsy store. Your journal is a dream ! So many elements - the ribbon, the twin, corrugate sheet, the faux coffee spilled paper - I'm actually, inspired to try out something similar.
    Much love my friend.

    1. Thank you and thank you for being the first person to comment on my shiny new blog! Much appreciated.

    2. Thanks for linking up babes. Love it.

    3. It was fun actually documenting one of my projects. I will continue to do so! Thanks Naush!

  2. These are so cool! Thanks for sharing at Vintage Charm!


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